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May 04, 2009


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tax marketing and operations coaching

yeah,“Social Media has definitely become important from a sales perspective. Also, it's been important to adjust our service offerings for more turn-key solutions..

Edwards Tunde

A very apt and timely article. We are just looking for exactly a resource like this. We are building a kind of community to combat recession and poverty in a way.


Benny Hagag

MAKO Surgical - Beating the recession
MAKO Surgical is a fast growing medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of orthopedic robotic technology and joint resurfacing implants that are designed for robotic implantation durign orthopedic joint replacement procedures.
MAKO is unique in its ability to deliver consistent reproducible precision through small incisions that allow the surgeon to perform the surgery in a precise and repeatable manner through minimal incisions benefiting the patient with quick recovery after surgery and return to normal function in days instead of months. In the current economics and market condition, patients are holding off on elective surgeries due to the risk of loosing their job due to absence. MAKO is allowing these patients to still go through with the surgery, and get back to work within days without compromising their employment.
The best support to this value was reported this week by a senior analyst at Piperjaffray investment brokers following a major orthopedic industry conference:
"MAKO continues to gain traction: Fueled by sessions on partial knee
replacement and minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and the company's unique
robotic arm technology, MAKO continues to generate interest and traction among
surgeons. We also see the company as a beneficiary of the recent upsurge in MIS
procedures among patients, whose preference for a faster return-to-work has
increased due to fear of unemployment."


I am Impressed with Efforts. Let me know if I can be of any help.


Vince Stevenson

This is a really well written and considered article and certain areas are of particular interest to me. Very useful indeed. Rgds Vince


I like all of these ideas. Very helpful.

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