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December 02, 2009


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Great article and extremely relevant. We reccently covered the rising importance of social media efforts with our Dealers and Field team and they are all excited. Your article provides excellent information and leads regarding how to measure this new media tool. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Julie Weishaar

Great article full of specific, clearly-defined, relevant and much needed "proof" of the effectiveness of social media marketing. Consider yourself re-tweeted, bookmarked, etc. :) Thanks for sharing.

Therran Oliphant

Please email me at therran@oliphantconsulting.com so we can talk. I would like to learn more about your business needs and expectations before making any recommendations.


Therran....We have a small consumer oriented business in metro detroit, who would you suggest we contact to get us involved in social media?

Therran Oliphant

Anelyn: That is great! Success stories like yours are why I enjoy writing and sharing.

Darlene: I am happy you were able to extract some value out of my work. I hope it propels your tweeting prowess forward.

Everyone: I appreciate the comments!

Darlene Sabella

Excellent article, I love twitter and try to spend some time finding out what's happening in the world. I find that some people are trying to sell me and they sell hard. I like to back tweet, or tracking successful tweets. I learned a lot from your post. Keep up the good work.

Debra Stokes

Very informative post, Therran. Because my company is small, I don't need to convince anybody of the value of social media. However, your post gives great ammunition to those in the corporate world who have to convince their bosses that social media is here to stay and they need to get on board. Nice research.


I used your blog to generate new marketing ideas that could propel my company forward using social media techniques. The meeting was successful and opened the door to considering ideas never before discussed in our workgroup.


Excellent article and very well written. It provides some point’s that any business should consider.

Therran Oliphant

Janet: Great point, but it still sounds like you're measuring value. It just sounds like a lower volume and you have a system that works for you; that is great and good luck convincing your clients. We know it can be difficult.

Jim: You hit right on my point! I am of the mindset that social media really isn't any different than building other business relationships. The only thing that changes is the technological methods.

Jim Pizzimenti

Therran: Building a network, and the referrals that come with it, has always been a key element of any business growth strategy. What you have articulated here is that technology can speed up the process. Further, the data capture that is possible by leveraging the technology would seem to be priceles. Even those of us "C suite-ers" (past or present)with short attention spans will get that! Nice work.

Janet Barclay

Being self-employed with no upper management to report to, I don't use any formal measurement tools, but this is great information I can share with my clients who need to be convinced of the value of using social media.

My methods of measurement are much simpler: How many retweets did I get today? Which new clients learned about me from Twitter? and so on...


This is an excellent article and will help disspell the myth that the only way to market and measure is through traditional methods. Great info to help shift the paradigm.


Great article Therran. It was very well written and clear and to the point. Thank You for sharing!!!


This is the type of information I need to get my social media part of the business off the ground. I look forward to more blog posts from you.

Therran Oliphant

Sounds like there are people interested in learning about the ability to track value from Social Media! That is great as, "validity will only be given to those that can prove their worth." That's a direct quote from me; feel free to use it anytime - just give me a copywright credit. :)

Also, message me if you want some more in-depth assistance on getting the actual numbers. I'm happy to assist more companies gaining the tracking knowledge necessary to make an ROI case for Social Media. - therran@oliphantconsulting.com

Tobias Braam

@ Therran
Nice blog! I really like the fact that even very new things like twitter already can be measured. Keep up the good work!


My company is new to Social Media and Networking, now I do have some ammo ;). Great post and you have great writing skills. Keep up the good work. You can visit my post here.

Therran Oliphant

Thank you for the kind words. I hope this gives you some ammo and ideas to help make your ROI case. Good luck out there! Us SM types need it.


Thanks for this information on how to help my upper management understand social media activities. Cheaper, more effective, and infinitely more far-reaching than dining out or hosting sporting events? I agree.

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