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December 11, 2009


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That's great things you shared about marketing, THanks that is really very informative post.

Boracay Hotel Package

Good job guys! If its a success then celebrate because you deserve it.


I really can't believe that online business industry has gone a very long way.

Dan Creinin

Great post.

One aspect that your readers should consider before any of the items that you have mentioned is "how is this product sold?". This notion will drive many of your marketing communication decisions.

Sean farnan

an excellent insight of marketing and product development concepts. Thanks for sharing this with the community.

Rick Bonney

Tim, I just went through each blog you have added and I can see how every stage can be incorporated so easy. Not to say that implementing is easy, just you outline each step in east blog, that it literally makes it seem like anyone can implement your stages. You have inspired me, and ultimately thats what makes me enjoy your blog. In this economy, you really inspire many people to produce a product that can help us all.


Great work!


Hi Tim and to all,
This is really a great job Tim; I have nothing to suggest, just to say cheer!!!...
Have a Great and Wonderful WeekEnd everyone...


Tim Great info thanks for sharing.


I am very impressed with the writing skills that you exercised here. This information is very informative and presented very well. Great tips for anyone whom would want to get started with their own inventions. Also gives tremendous insight to "thinking outside the box" and analyzing an invention before you bring it to life and what it takes to do so. Great job Tim!


Good Job TIm. Make sure you reviewd all the strategies, processes, marketing techniques. be sure you didnt miss anything.


As always you have completed the full circle. As in other ventures I have worked with you on design and process, you have always focused on details and the ease of the explaintion of use. keep up the excellent work!


As always great reading. The part about the logo reminded me about an episode on American Chopper. When Paul Jr. broke away and started Paul Jr. Designs, one of the first things he did was design a logo for the new business.

Darlene Sabella

Hi Tim, Amazing, you are simply great. I love your style of writing and your wise advise. I guess I experianced with the firm that published my book. Most people have told me that it was awesome that I completed a project, so I assume many folks kind of give up, too frustrated to go to the end. You take that fear away and direct a path for completion, thank you for all your help, all your articles are fantastic.



Very Great Job On The Blog And Presentation I Cant Wait Till You Site And Product Hits The Market. Keep Up The Great Job :o)

Jason Pittman

This is awesome. You have a great marketing mind. We need to do a seminar. I hope your company see the value of your work.

Conrad Hall

Hi Tim and Therran,

Thank you for asking me to review your post. To put it simply:

Well done, gentlemen.

Aside from being an excellent post - useful, unique, and decidedly up-to-date - it's an excellent example of the spirit of #blogoff2. Congratulations.

I will be sure to reply to your e-mail during the weekend. You've done a good thing here, and I want to encourage you to continue.

Conrad Hall

Perry Jones

Therran - This is why I send my small biz clients to you! Your marketing insight is second to none. And I like this format, too. Networking makes the world go-round.


Article well done. Therran, you and Tim should consider doing marketing and sales seminars.

Capt Redeye

I appreciate the information and presentation within this blog. Having not had any experience within the realm of Marketing or Product Development I have book marked this blog as my ultimate resource for when my self wiping toilet comes to fruition. Thank you gentlemen for providing such a valuable resource!


Fabulous and informative information, Therran. You rock!

Therran Oliphant

Anelyn -

Thanks for continuing to read and I'm glad that you're getting value from my writing, as I have gained value from other people and your comments as well. Thanks for giving as much as you give!

To Everyone -

Thanks for the great comments toward Tim and myself. As Tim stated before, this blog was born out of a lot of phone calls, emails and text messages that took place between he and I, over the course of the contest. We felt like we just had to share it with the SM community, in the form of a memo between he and I. Taking all of that information and condesing it into one cohesive blog post was difficult, but we were proud of it, and he as well as I are elated that so many of you have gotten value from, and enjoyed our work.

Thanks to you all!


@Holly - You are right, I didn't want to over-whelm everyone with specific techniques. A great idea Holly. Having promotional products at a trade show will significantly increase exposure from a brand marketing stand point. I worked in the promotional product industry for many years, there have been many studies in relation to any benefits to that type of marketing and of course always hard to measure results with promotional materials. I do feel it should be given out especially in the beginning process of branding your logo and product!


This is an outstanding blog. It lays it all out in a very simple and understandable explanation. Brand development is essential but often overlooked by new entreprenuers. Most of us concentrate on getting the sale. Well done Therran.

Sam Diener

GREAT POST..... Excellent to see...

Tim, you and I have talked about the product I want to build. This will be a great guide for me to follow!



Tim, Thanks!!!!
I will be sending you a CAD file next week, please quote ASAP and please feel free to make suggestions on best materials or design improvements

Holly Rotman-Zaid

Great information!The steps are outlined so simply and clearly that almost any one of us could bring a product to market with this sort of help.
But, there is another step or tool in the marketing arsenal that you completely left out-promotional merchandise. Unless you intend to give out samples of your actual spatula to folks you may want to consider including the use of promotional merchandise in your mix. Promotional items are a very concrete tool that if chosen with thought to your product, brand and message (all those things you outline)can be very powerful. The use of them in conjunction with all these other tools makes their communication that much more reinforced.

Doug Hoff

Great mix of strategic marketing and implementation put into a whole picture for a person wanting a clear concise picture. Thanks!


This is a great blog. The information is very useful, not only for companies just starting out, but even for well-established companies. Being in the Marketing realm myself, I agree wholeheartedly with all the topics discussed in this blog, especially social media. Great job, Tim!

Craig Hutchings


Once again all i can say is GREAT JOB! Keep up the good work!



This is my first time visiting this blogspot. I am very impressed with the information I received here today. This information is very usable and should be helpful to any start-up business that is attempting to sell a product or service. Therran and Tim should continue to work together as often as possible.



Fantastic job! I agree with Chris. You and Tim are genuises! Your collaborative efforts in marketing, branding and getting a new product to market have yielded an outstanding and understandable marketing/selling outline. Your blogs have been awesome. Keep up the fantastic work.


I just want to clarify that this was a memo style writing that Therran and I worked on together. It may be confusing if you don't realize this. Therran has amazing marketing skills, whereas I have expertise in product development. Therran and I have been communicating to figure out a way to actually market the product after it has gone to production. While Therran has amazing marketing skills, I do know how to sell the product. You will see that the first few paragraphs are Therran outlining branding where I go into the steps of selling the product on the market.

I am going to provide you with the links of first intro to New Product Development that will outline each step once again.


Now that you have finished the last step which is "Marketing" you can go back to this first document and follow the links to each stage that will bring you to the ultimate goal of making millions!

It has been a pleasure working with everyone in this blog, reading, commenting and developing relationships have taken me to a whole new level. This is my first real blog experience and all the feedback has greatly helped me for future posts. I learned so much from everyone and all their personalities that I hate the fact that this competition is already over. I really look forward to staying in contact with all the contestants.


Your post is very helpful, fantastic advice for anyone forming or promoting their product/company.

Fantastic communication style...your ability to be succinct and entertaining is very much appreciated.

Doug Robinson

Excellent job once again Tim ! Keep up the great work i might get something on the market myself one day with this kind of thinking :D

Kay Massey

My friend just told me about this blog and I just had to come and read it. Good writing. You really do good professional work.

Doug Jones

You do good work. Missed all the others, but I am going back to read them now.

Tommy Yescas


Sharon Morris

Great job once again. Didn't expect nothing less from you though. Sorry to see this come to an end. Enjoy learning step by step, easy to follow instructions.


A very well put together and informative site.


Wonderful!!....i like the ideas and how you explain the business strategy -very details and specific were very helpful for those who wants to be entreprenuer. Feasibility study first before you star. thnks for the tips!!

Chene Alford

This is an accurate depiction of what is required to produce sales in marketing by way of proper advertising!!


Nice job u have explained alot from start to finish and is very informative i thought the strategies u use to market something are very nice great job Tim.


I now understand what it takes to get an idea brought to life, in our everyday world. Starting as a simple thought that passes through the stages or processes of planning, design, building or construction, patening, branded, then marketed to consumers like me. Well done



ralph jones

Great job with the outline and it's organized


Great job! It's a perfect outline of you got to do to get your product to sell. It's a great piece of work and very useful, thanks Tim!


Good to know! Thanks for sharing this w/ us!


I agree completely. This is a awesome idea keep up the good work!


These guys are Geniuses! Collaborating and the expansion of combining knowledge and surefire ways of getting your product out to the masses is simplified. And totally agree with that if you go to search and your not in the top 20 it's hard to to get hits to your site and product! 2 thumbs up!

Jason W.

Very nice. I totally agree; especially the part about how you will do the marketing on the search engine. You do not want to google something and have your product no. 10,001 on the search results. Two thumbs up!!!


Great job of outlining all the marketing strategies and ways to develop your product to really get it out there! Very helpful


I love reading stuff like this. Well done!

Steven Hewlett

This was a very helpful thing to know. It gave me great tips to use while marketing and advertising any new products. I would use this information in the future. thx


It is great to see two like minded individuals work together who are competitors in a contest and post a collaborative blog. I applaud both of you and also congratulate you both on this post. It has great outlining strategies that should never be missed while branding and selling a product. Kudos Therran, Kudos Tim.



Good job! i like how yu have everything organized so it is understandable
this makes perfect sence to me and im sure anyone could understand it, keep up the good work.


Awesome, thank you for posting this blog... its helped alot. The way you have explained everything really gives the people of this day and age a chance to be something more.

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