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March 18, 2009


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Yeah, you're right.*


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I have received more deal flow from social networking sites like twitter & Linkedin than going to networking meetings.

Lara Cawthra

Great info. I have already connected with others in my field I would otherwise not have met. Great for sharing new ideas, and for hearing the negative side of your business. By hearing the negative you can quickly respond before problems are created


I liked so much the straight-to-the-benefit mood of your summary. Great job and see you there Twitting!

Zee Visram

A very perceptive and probing starting question. Outstanding endeavour to pull together the 120 discussions into 20 succint & useable benefits/ideas. Thank you so much for these 20 idea generators. A really good follow up would be how these noteworthy benefits were actually achieved. We know Twitter was the media but what did they do (steps) to get the results they got? Some examples would be very useful to illuminate the various uses of Twitter.


Really useful thank you. we have had a couple of instances where PR via Twitter and clients using Twitter have directed in direct sales queries and ultimately new business.

Gemma Went

Great post, will help in a meeting I have today actually!

Paula Dauncey

I'm a firm believer in Twitter, good summary of the benefits, I've experienced so many of these.

Priyanka D

This are some really cool points! Good article

Steve Dodd

Great summary!!! A lot of people will benefit from this!

Karen Stinchfield

Thanks for the information, I have been working on building my twitter network for the past couple of weeks and it's good to hear my efforts may pay off.

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