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March 30, 2009


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Wil Porter

Those who provide services to those companies and individuals providing service to the "senior set" are also experiencing growth. As home care companies grow they need more staff and more product inventory. They also need more efficient and effective tools for communication, tracking and reporting.
More growth equates to a larger patient census which will then equate to an increase in calls after hours that are usually answered by an answering service.
The "Senior Set" as they did when they were younger, are still driving the economy and providing opportunities for success on many levels by demanding extended and exceptional services be provided to them.
I am happy to be "along for the ride".

Jeffrey Moskovitz

Right on target, Ellen. The comments of the arrogant journalist remind me of the same arrogance Barnes and Noble and Borders displayed when a young man by the name of Jeff Bezos began selling books out of his garage. At this point, his interest in the company he founded, Amazon, is worth more than the combined market capitalization of Barnes and Noble and Borders combined. It's truly a shame when one's ego interferes with one's vision.
Jeff Moskovitz

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