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March 22, 2009


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Ching Ya

It requires a lot of discipline to do all these. I agree with most of the points. Just wish to add to 1st point though: 5-10 quality comments per day do sound reasonable, but it should be done at the right timing with the right content to optimize the results. Otherwise, he/she does need some bit of a luck. ^^

-Social Media/Blogging


I joined Twitter after reading the article "How To Be Productive With twitter In Just 60 Minutes A Week" by Andrew. I wanted to check out if Twitter would help me network and help offer my services to individuals and organisation. I am hopeful and expectant after the hype and hoopla I have seen everyone twittering about.


A great way to expand your Twitter Social Network http://tweetpenguin.com

Randy Matheson

Twitter can be an invaluable tool in business. BUT, its not without hard work. Sincerity rules... the secret is to give, give, give and engage other Twitter users. This does not mean follow 2000 people - find folks you have something in common with - geoography, careers, hobbies. Wade in, act natural and be yourself. There is no secret formula to success in Twitter, add value and engage. Promote through your actions... @randymatheson

Marketing Actuary

Great points in the article and the comments.

I only started recommending Twitter for marketing recently (http://bit.ly/AXj8G). As a newbie, I felt overwhelmed by tweeters with thousands of tweets. I can't win that contest. So I've been focusing on quality (1-3 tweets/day).

I haven't retweeted yet. I've tried to get tweets as long as possible. Ken points out this is the wrong strategy. Lessons learned. @riscario


First time blogger
I have been involved in billboard outdoor advertising for over 25 yrs because of the economy I have picked up my paint brushes again over the last two years (former billboard pictorial artist)and have been rehearsing a speeding painting show...following whats inside....

Just My2Cents

I actually find some of this to be questionable advice, because it's 'all about you' when Twitter's strength is a participative community - with interaction. If you are using Twitter as a marketing tool, you do need to follow back if you want to hear voice of the customer. (They should listen to you, but you're too good to listen to them?) By all means, use a tool like TweetDeck so that you can manage the volume and, no, I never read it all. I agree that one quality industry tweet is much better than 6 about dinner & walking the dog - unless you're my sibling and we use Twitter to keep in touch. (Don't denigrate those who use Twitter differently than you; it doesn't have to be the same thing to all people.) Personally, I have learned a lot on Twitter, caught breaking news that was important to me - and increased my customer base.

Ross Fortune

I just joined the Twitter bandwagon after hearing all the hype. hope there is some substance in it.



Kathy Carter

Just what I've been looking for. I'm realizing that Twitter is like anything on the Internet -- it can be a time waster or a valuable tool, depending on how you use it. It's essential to know what your goal is and then focus on actions will help you achieve that goal. Thanks!

Sandra Zerner

Thank you. This is valuable advice and much appreciated.


Twitter has been really helpful in getting to know products before you own them.

DK Brewer

Great advice, esp. about the "quality vs. quantity." And being yourself: as a newbie, I'm mostly following and RTing, only Twit with something more substantive than "in line at the DMV."

Another tool that works well is desktop client Tweet Deck. If you follow a lot of different news, media, trades, industries for clients, you can break them out in more organized groups for easier, faster reviewing. FWIW.


RT's are a key. Your tweet is more likely to be RT'd if you leave the receiver room to RT without having to edit your tweet. Use no more than 100-120, but if you squeeze everything into 140, you leave them no room and sometimes they just skip a good RT (because they only have 12 minutes per day to be on :)


Thanks for the info. I am new to the whole idea of social networking so I welcome valuable information to help make the concept more meaningful for both me and followers. Peace, Love and Warm Regards Dr. Wilkins Atlanta

Louise Desmarais

Whew! Pressure's off. I love Twitter, but it's a time sucker alright.

I gloss over all the "Goodnight fellow tweeters" "Having a cup of coffee right now" posts.

When I see multiple tweets from the same person in a row - I may read the first two, but then they've lost me. I quickly scan down to the next person.

I search for interesting links, announcements of something new, notices of giveaways etc. I look for questions from the people I'm following to see if I can help.

Long ago, I stopped feeling guilty about NOT following everyone who follows me if their content is not in a vein that interests me.

Your succinct guidelines are bang on - and are no doubt much appreciated by people like me who have been sucked into the Twitter vortex!

Georganna Hancock

Finally! Some guidelines to help me get started, and they jibe with my ethics. I especially appreciate items four and six about quality--a high priority for me.

Thank you!

Steve Dodd

Excellent Advice!

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