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April 01, 2009


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Erin Al-Mehairi

You are awesome at what you do, thanks!


Some great tips. Thanks. Still new on Twitter but learning a lot.

Janice Arnoldi

I really like your advice on taking a long term perspective. It's hard to explain to clients that eventhough Twitter is instant they may not see results right away.

deb frawley

I've read alot of different articles on how to use Twitter for networking. This I think is one of the best I've seen. Great tips thanks for sharing :)

Maria Bergheim

I just started using Twitter by chance for networking. I was on the Idealist site and saw an ad for another group that took me to Twitter. I have had some good responses from people who want to help..so I have to say thank you Twitter. It's great to know in this economy that people genuinely want to help others! Keep up the good work and we can all learn from each other!!

Kenny Mann

I've been following most of your posts and they are truly excellent. Your advice, knowledge and research are a real bonus to those of us - like me - who are just launching ourselves on this remarkable digital journey. I'm 63 years old and thrilled to have access to such amazing tools. Of course, time is the issue and already, the amount of time I've spent trying to launch a product via Twitter and other digital platforms is enormous - literally, hundreds of hours. So far, I've not had great feedback, but it's early days yet. The interest group I am targeting (human rights) has over a million members - impossible to scope out each person! So while numbers are to our advantage, they are also a drawback when you are a single individual without staff trying to follow best practices and actually generate some business.

Thanks for your tips - I will continue to follow!

jim Gilbert

These are excellent tips. I'd like to add to these with an article I wrote for eMarketing & Commerce Magazine (now on my blog)


Hope this adds to the "conversation".

Jim Gilbert

Judy Barnett

Thank you for the helpful tips. I'm new to social networking.

Horace Young

This is a great summary of how to use Twitter and consistently project one's best image. I learned a lot.

Carl Roughsedge

Yes some good tips there. I find the search facility on Twitter an excellent means of finding useful people to follow. To get the best out of Twitter it is just as important to follow the correct people as to be followed by the correct people.



I have just started using Twitter as a tool.

Glad tips!

Becky Regan


Still relatively new to Twitter with about 500 friends; always looking for new tips to make it more aligned with my business. Linked In and Facebook have generated more connections for me so far... Thanks for the info!

Becky Regan


Great advice. Twitter and other social networking avenues are becomeing an important part of my marketing strategies and your advice is very helpful.

Gary Kahn

Just starting to track business use of social media and this was a helpful perspective. Thank you.

Ian Smith

Great article. Twitter IS the public domain and you remind us all to remember that!

From my perspective, I use Twitter to spotlight interesting information. The selfish part is that I focus my lens on "Repositioning"
and all topics related to helping management grow their business.

I truly try to add value and only really follow people that will do that for me.




I like the idea of posting, then walking away. we should all do that more often with any written communications. No need to be in a hurry....

Patrick Downton

I'm new to Twitter and I found your information very valuable. Thanks.

Patrick Downton
Freelance Designer


Great article Andrew. I'm on Twitter but haven't quite grasped how it's going to help me, so your ideas and comments are a huge help - Thank You! http://twitter.com/fayehollands

Melissa Ingram-Scheeringa

I just wanted to say thank you for all the information that you have on how to market your stuff on twitter. I will be using this useful information on here to help my business grow.
Thank you so much.

Dixiana Rodriguez

I found your article very informative, specifically the part about Direct Messaging new contacts. I wasn't aware this was an issue and will be sure to side-step this landmine.


shirley smith

Needed the information! I actually was formulating what was the best way to use twitter. You saved me the time of thinking it through!

Maura Elosegui

I really enjoyed your article. It was very informative and it just made a lot of sense.

Thank you.

Brad Carr

The golden rule, as it were, is everything in moderation. It is so easy to abuse Twitter that you really ought to think twice before you send your message (whether to the goup or to an individual). Heather's post is spot-on about the fact that social media is not defined as "let's talk about me."

Heather Kilcrease

I agree... For so long now, I have been saying to make sure you're listening to your audience if you want then to hear or give a hoot about your message. (reciprocate)

With the economy being the way it is, I think people and businesses are too quick to get nervous and blast their message to everyone and anyone. This approach might get several clicks and impulse buys but in the long run people will not feel comfortable with a self serving company.

Social Media is that "social" and should be approached as you would a friend. If you are going to call a friend and strictly speak about yourself, soon they will not want to talk with you. Self serving marketing does not and will not work on the social media platform.

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