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June 01, 2009


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Matt @ Local Email Marketing

Anyone know if these stats are still relevant or where I could get updated stats? I didn't realize that LinkedIn was that great for business thought-type articles...

Rolex Sea Dweller

This is a very attractive segment, gave me a lot of help, thank you for sharing, hope you can update more and better stories.One of my conclusions after having worked for over a decade translating research into practice is that the system of having academic researchers in one silo and learning professionals in another silo simply isn't working.

Seo Consultant

It is a great posting. I find it so help. I will come back and see how it goes on


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Nice article. I like to think of myself as a selective interaction type, but not nearly enough time in the day to tweet and reply. By the way, I see you are a twitterlights user, I'm adding some information about that at our blog.xll

Windenberger Claude

Thanks for sharing your findings. I haven't spent enough time on linkedIn to come to the same conclusion. But I definitely will make it a priority now to see if I can (and I'll obviously not mind getting the resulting benefits from that).

Andres Heuberger

Thanks for the good post! We have found that LinkedIn beats Facebook by a wide margin when it comes to bringing traffic to our blog. (The results of a test are at http://blog.fxtrans.com/2009/04/social-networking-in-translation.html.)

It may be that the kinds of connections being formed are different on LinkedIn and Facebook - personal on Facebook, more business oriented on LinkedIn. And it's the business-oriented folks that would be interested in blogs such as ours.

Neil Warren

Yep - it was all going great - we had them beating Google at one stage, and then in comes the new "action bar".

Just watching them plummet off the bottom of the charts, as we speak!

Laura Bramly

LinkedIn definitely lets you target your peers directly. More than loyalty to businesspeople in general, I'd say there is a loyalty to one's network members. LinkedIn has become much more valuable to me than Facebook in terms of driving traffic to my blog and web site, with Twitter coming in second.

Scott Howard

Funnily enough, I discovered this blog through linkedin, which led me to following you on Twitter, and then to this post. I am now going to share on both twitter, linkedin, and our internal Yammer site. It will be interesting to see which of the networks generates the most meaningful reply.

Subraya Mallya

I have seen the same. LinkedIn drives the most traffic for me than Facebook, Twitter and organic combined. Digg is better than FB.

Sean Nelson

I'm a believer in LinkedIndriving blog traffic. I used it to take my monthly traffic to the www.linkedintuition.com/blog from 2,200 in March to over 20,000 in May.

Adam Wooten

Interesting findings. Thanks for sharing. My own experience also shows that LinkedIn drives the most traffic to my blog. Frankly, I'm always surprised whenever I hear of anyone trying to use Facebook for B2B networking or sales. And, yes, I was also led to this blog post through a discussion on LinkedIn.

Julie Tyios

That's funny, because I was doing my own experiment with my articles - I wanted to see what kind of response I'd get promoting my articles through LinkedIn groups, veen though they were all about Twitter. I tried posting on some groups for marketers, some for Twitter users, and some for media professionals. I'd be curious to know the response breakdown, if that's available.


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