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August 23, 2009


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Andrew Ballenthin

Hi Social Networking San Diego, please do elaborate on all three of your stories within the comments section. If anyone or all of them fit the book I'll be in contact with you and the companies for releases to include the stories in my book. Time is very tight before the book closes off. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your successes.
- Andrew Ballenthin

social networking san diego

I have been providing social media consulting services to businesses for 9 months now and here are some of our top success stories from paying clients:
1. Helped one firm win a green products installer contest
2. Helped sell out a fundraising event/ raise donations
3. helped generate additional online sales of products and services
4. Increased company brand and personal brand on-line and gain exposure
5. Increased # of leads, Traffic, and actual prospects interested in their products and services


After years of experimenting with Social Media platforms and how I can benefit from them, I thought that I had seen and done it all. Over the past several months I have been receiving requests from various special interests groups throughout the State of Colorado to speak about the business value of today’s Social Media.

So when several professional acquaintances of Telluride asked me to help out with this subject matter, I was interested. The one caveat was that the town claims to be “broke”. Having visited Telluride many times over the years, I thought of another approach; Bartering. I extended an offer to speak and demonstrate the virtues of Social Media at the local Library for a complimentary one hour session in exchange for lodging and a pass to a local event at the time of my visit.

Within one week, several locals came back to me with an offer to accommodate my request. They exceeded my expectations; 1. They set me up for a week in an exclusive multi-million mountain estate, 2. The provided me a four-day pass to my event of choice and, 3. Treated me to unique dining experiences during my stay, and lastly, 4.) Maintain a high level of visibility that provides many opportunities to this day.

Value doesn’t always result in $$$, but unique and memorable experiences that keep on giving.



That's a lot of testimonials

Andrew Ballenthin

Hi Graham, can you elaborate on what question you are asking? Where would you like clairification?


What's this all about

Tina Gleisner, Founder Assn of Home Professionals

Story #1 ... I began blogging 3 years ago to share with my peer business owners (SOHO) what I was learning about marketing. In parallel I wrote lots of newsletters, articles and blog posts for my handyman business. This content, handyman and marketing, is now the foundation for a new business, the Association of Home Professionals which I am launching within 60 days. Offering articles and resources for empower women home owners plus marketing training an tools for businesses targeting these women, in a cooperative online community is a dream come true.

Andrew Ballenthin, Community Marketing Blog

Hi Mike, can you elaborate a bit more on what excellent is for your business? What are you doing to get results? Thanks, Andrew, Community Marketing Blog Founder

Mike Mansel

We are intellectual property insurance specialists (see www.publiability.com click on WriteInsure) and results via Linkedin have been excellent. Twitter action has been less than pathetic and Facebook yet to come. Best wishes.
Mike Mansel,M.A, CIC 8/25/09

Elizabeth Rajs

For a local schools fund-raising campaign this summer, we ran a completely electronic communications campaign. (With school out and no access to school newsletters and flyers, we had no other choice.) I managed a Facebook page and twitter account. There was also a website and weekly electronic newsletter, and both had links to Facebook and Twitter. One enterprising mom used blogspot to run an online auction, which also was linked back to Facebook. At the end of two months,the Facebook page had 905 fans and the campaign raised $463,000 for our schools.

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