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October 31, 2009


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Cliff Allen

This is the most accurate view of social media I've seen.

Like a lot of marketing, social media takes so much time and effort that it needs to be applied to a large number of followers / friends in order to have a good ROI.

Andrew Jenkins

I appreciate the points you make. I agree that time and money are in short supply but never before have such tools existed to empower small and medium-sized businesses and enable them to promote themselves on an equal playing field with bigger companies.

The cost potentially incurred by them is not necessarily monetary. Most certainly, they will have to devote time and effort which have their associated costs.

There are numerous examples of "mom and pop" shops or individual entrepreneurs leveraging social media to establish and grow their businesses.

There are street vendors who tweet their daily locations to the lunch crowd, restaurants taking take out orders over twitter, and Gary Vaynerchuk, who I referenced in my post, grew his business from $10M to $60M using video blogs, twitter and more.

It can be done. It takes hard work but passionate entrepreneurs should be prepared for that.

Joyce Litwin Zimmerman

I don’t know if this would apply to small and medium-sized businesses. Local "mom and pop" stores are fighting for their survival; time and money are in short supply. How could these local business owners engage their customers in such a conversation? How would such a campaign begin?

Also, I can see how social media might promote brand loyalty on a large scale, but I am not sure it can do the same on the local level. There are still customers who might defect because small businesses can't afford to compete with the low prices of big box stores.

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