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December 11, 2009


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Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach

Thank you Steve. Great writing.

I think the first thing is to be intentional about it.

Go to the forums and write and respond to others. Create a facebook or linkedin group and get a really good feel for what people want to talk about. Then go and create the product.

Create the landing page on your website and go back to the facebook or linked in group and ask them to subscribe for the free report.

Just like you said.

This is powerful information.

You have to promote yourself and sometimes, we do not get that.


Great Post. On my website www.brogansinc.com , There was a holiday offer free shipping but they had to sign up for the website, I got about 2000 emails last winter. This past summer I did a landing page for $100.00 gift certificate and I will pull a winner each month for 3 months, I got about 1600 emails that time as well. Your strategy works well :) It IS PROVEN!!!


Hi Alan,

Not sure if you were asking a question? I saw the question mark, but I totally agree with you. Telling people what my offer is has been my own problem this past year which I think makes me an expert at writing about it ;)

Great point Alan,



@ Jacqueline,

Awesome, that's so great to hear. Go get'em!

Susan Brown Ruiz, MSEd. Health Promotion and Marketing

Great great article. I am a teacher with a background experience and a masters from KU in health promotion, marketing, devolopment and fundraising, and social services. I want to get into helping people with my own blog/website. This was a well outlined, short and to the point guide for me. Thank you much. I will be in touch. I need to spend more time researching my product for promotion for starters. I have lots of experience in database and the importance of contact lists. Thanks again. Any of your tips are very helpful.

Jacqueline Fairbrass

Thanks for sharing this info Steve. Good article and well written. I have been kicking some of these ideas around for a while and feel inspired to get started. Cheers.

Kenny Sturgeon

Nice Post.
I especially believe that giving something away is a great thing- building value for readers and genuinely being interested in furthering their success by giving away information that can actually be used is just "Karmically Correct".
Choosing and speaking clearly to your niche is also a nice bit of advice.

Alan Gee

This is a great piece of free info Steve

I hope people read and act upon it so that more people make a success of themselves online.

In my opinion it is rarely the case that people have little to offer and more often the case that people just dont know how to tell people what their offer is?

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