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December 11, 2009


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Thank you that you've touched the theme about which people prefer to keep silence!

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Attention to the elderly should be a priority for all countries and we see this not being in this way ... is a global problem to be solved


Sue, I agree; care for the elderly is becoming a worldwide concern. In many Western countries the elderly population is overtaking the younger generation. As a result, a change of attitude and thought geared to our ageing population as well as to their needs will become very necessary.

Marc R Leonard

Great blog entry.
Many Americans neglect to reflect on health care, and in this case hospice care, in foreign countries. You make a great point that many people leaving their third world countries have no ambitions of going back, leaving those aging alone. Care for the elderly should be a worldwide concern, no matter what country. As you said, it is a fundamental right.

Marie Matta

Thank you, Sue, for another interesting article about hospice care. It's good to learn about practices in other countries and to reflect on cultural differences in attitudes towards ageing and aged care.

Sam Diener

Sue -- I don't believe that I have commented on any of your articles yet. This is a great point/tip for thought. My grandma is 90 years old, and we wanted her to have the best care possible -- not some nursing home where patients are ignored. We found that a lot of the best care was given by caretakers from other countries, as this is a practice that they have been raised with, and value VERY highly!


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