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December 02, 2009


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Darlene Brooks


I try to read your articles when ever you post me a note as I know that I will be extremely interested in what you write,,, It is almost as if you know just what I need to read about,, as within the next little while I see that you have wrote an article on what I was thinking about....

Great job my dear friend,,,



You are so funny, karma can come back fast or wait for years, it's not in a hurry. LOL I feel we should all work on ourselves to become the best we can become. And, to remember we are all connected in so many ways. I only hope it touches a few hearts. Thank you for your awesome comment.



Another great post, how many did you post in one day ;). I love reading your content. I love that you talk about Karma...I had a cigarette the other day with a buddy of mine, my wife found out she was upset, but said its my life...Today I am home sick because my throat is sore. She came to me this morning and said, I know you believe in Karma and that's exactly wha happened lol. Damn the Karma lol. At least I get to stay home and read blogs all day and post comments.

Look forward to more reads.

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