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December 12, 2009


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This an interesting approach. It is common to take care of SEO from the individuality of ones' blog or web while leaving the incredible opportunity social media offers aside. This post clears up the way to better understand the way both activities interact and the steps to be taken to get the best results in your way to success.


LOVE the comic sans use! So creative. So original. So fun and carefree!


I had a hard time following this article - was it translated from another language?

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Well according to me the diverse effect is only the high level firms have stop the promotion of new launched products.due to recession the development of products has deviated.Thats might be the main reason brand promotion impacted.


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Great writeup m8 thank you

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In my recent Book Promotion Strategies Survey, an overwhelming 94 percent of respondents said that they plan to use social networking and social media to promote their books and themselves in 2010.

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the impact of this situation will be great, remember that



This is true, that recession braught in alot of thought process to optimise the use of budget. You have rightly pointed out , it needs to mark out how is the planning going to be in the new financial year.

Good one!

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