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December 12, 2009


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cheap computers canada

Customizing your message to the roles people have in the decision to hire your firm increases your impact with stakeholders inside large, complex organizations.

catherine mcquaid

True, the subject matter expert sees the value.
In the sales role, we like to get affirmation.

However, I would warn against being aware of the difference between those who influence decisions (such as the experts on your solution) and those who are the real buyers.

This distinction is particularily important if you are offering a service or product which is
1. a big ticket item
2. not easily classified into a "commodity" category

Purchases which impact the future direction strategy of a firm are less likely to be funded out of a clearly-defined "functional" budget related to assets.

Catherine McQuaid

cheap computers canada

Their questions are often about how you do your work.These may be the people you have the most comfort with because they understand the value of what you do.

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