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December 17, 2009


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Jim Love

Great post, Catherine...

I cringe when I hear the phrase "rainmaker" or similar ideas expressed by businesses who are looking to exploit someone's network. Usually (and this is a giveaway in a web based world) the supposed "rainmaker" is described as having a "huge rolodex".

Has anyone ever seen this payoff? Or are networks just another place that size doesn't count?

Here's the advice that I give to companies I work with.

Sales and marketing are a discipline, built by hard work and practice. The help you need is objective advice and someone who knows what process you need to follow. That's where you get a real benefit. And to anyone reading, Catherine is one of those professionals who does know what to do. They are well worth engaging.

But no one reputable is going to promise to magically sell your product for you.

Stop looking for a rainmaker. Get out there and make your own rain.

Ted Morris

Catherine, Good points here. Too often those who come with a Rolodex fall short in delivering within 6mos of hire date. Best referrals have always come from clients and most profitable business has come from upselling and cross-selling within the client enterprise. Best sales people understand consultative selling, the offering's value proposition and how to manage a clients buying process. Cheers, Ted.

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