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December 01, 2009


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Sam, great article! I enjoyed reading it. And you are right, I hadn't thought about the viral part for Twitter & LinkedIn. But I have to admit, I don't necessarily want to connect with my mother on LinkedIn. I'm OK with the fact that we're connected on FB; it helps keep her informed of what's happening in my private life. But I use Twitter and LinkedIn for professional reasons so what would my mother be doing in my professional network? And while inviting everyone on my email list would increase the number of people in my network, I am a strong believer that quality always trumps quantity. I prefer being connected with professionals that I can help, who can help me, where we can exchange ideas, collaborate, etc. My next door neighbor is not necessarily that person. (Hi John!)


Marilyn Moran

This guy is crazy (in a cool way), but he makes very good points here. There's still something to be said about word of mouth. Telling our friends... or more importantly... inviting our friends to use the social tools that we are using. It is our job to educate them on why and how to use the tools properly and responsibly. :) Good read - two thumbs up!

Conrad Hall

Hi Sam,

There isn't another place for you to position a button. That's under the control of the blog administrator.

What you can do is add links to your posts. In this case, add links that connect your post to good examples from LinkedIn (your own profile, and that of others).

Linking to other content - inside and outside of you blog - is appealing to search engines. I.E. Link you second post to your first. Link your posts to outside content. Link other things you do (Tweets, status updates, posts to other blogs) to the content you're putting here for the competition.

Let me know if this helps.

Conrad Hall

Sam Diener

Wow ---- very cool. I had no idea France had its own "business" network!


This could also be a country thing -- for example France has it's own professional network, similar to LinkedIn, so not many French people use it, but there's no French analog of Facebook. The same for Poland and some other countries.

Sam Diener

Beth - thats a good question... I would to love to know some ways. Maybe linked-in might think of some?


Beth McDonough

Hi Sam,
I agree with you that we are not effectively spreading the message, but all too often, people do not realize the importance of networking (internally and externally) until they are in the unemployment line.
Also, I do not think people actually realize how often recruiters view profiles on LinkedIn. It is a very effective and inexpensive way to prospect for candidates.
I am always amused when I watch the shocked responses as people learn how high the percentage of jobs found through networking actually is.
I would love to hear suggestions on what we can do to promote LinkedIn. I think it is a great tool and am always surprised when someone cannot see its value.
With kind regards,
Beth McDonough

Sam Diener

Russ - thank you as always for visiting my posts!


Sam Diener

Jeremy, I think the social media scene is not going to expand farther than linked-in and twitter.. to be honest.....

Sam Diener

Conrad - thank you for your comment. Where should I put the button other than the sharethis button?


Sam Diener

Carol.... you aren't the only one.... everyone seems to forget!

Sam Diener

Norma - thank you for your input!

Sam Diener

Jonathan - thank you very much for your comment. I think that the only three that will continue to exist are the ones I mentioned!

Sam Diener

Fred - Why thank you on the post... its actually for a contest. The blog isn't MY blog. I actually had to put it up on here. If you want to see my blog its www.samdiener. I think you might like it.

In any case, I still think people are using twitter wrong. The benefit is only revealed if you follow the right people. For example, I follow cheapskatephilly - for cheap up to the minute deals, digg2000 so you get only the popular content from the internet, or your personal friends.... if you use facebook, you already subscribe the status updates, which are their biggest feature!

Fred Held

Twitter is Ying and Linkedin. Is Yang. They have two different purposes and thus a small overlapping audience.

Many of my friends stop going to Twitter because the people they are following never answer when messaged. It is really nice to know that Sarena Williams is looking forward to her photo shoot in Beijing. Of more interest is Venus's reply that said she was bringing over a potato dish for lunch.

Linkedin is the most business facing social network on earth with the largest number of members and is growing rapidly. Not to worry about .

Nice blog and a great question but I hate to go to another page to read comments

Norma Fares

I think creating the link between a social networking i.e. LinkedIn to another one i.e. Facebook would make some successful cross "channels" promo. Adding the sharing bottom with i.e. digg, flickr, plaxo...including Facebook would help reaching the goal of spreading LinkedIn better. I personally find in LinkedIn more than just a business networking. Insight and spirituality are well present for people who are looking for Insights. It really depends on everyone's needs. But I also believe that every human being is in need of Insight –whether aware of that need or not-- to nourish his/her soul. People must discover that great facet of LinkedIn that I personally value and thank LinkedIn for being the way it is.

Carol Warner

Sam: Great insight as always. And you're right on target. I skipped the "invite" part. I'll have to go back and cover that.

Beth McDonough

Hi Sam,
You asked if the audiences for the various social networking sites are really that different and, personally, I think they are. I also believe the purpose of the sites are vastly different.
Most people who are on LinkedIn are seeking to network professionally, whereas many of those who are on Facebook are seeking to stay in touch or reconnect with former friends and colleagues.
Although there are occasionally LinkedIn profile photos that are not professional, most people make a concerted effort to project a professional image.
Good luck on the contest! I wish you the best!
With kind regards,
Beth McDonough


Great insight. How about providing some predictions of how all the social networks are going to shake out?

Conrad Hall

Hi Sam,

This is an interesting post. I haven't seen anyone addressing the issue of audience size from this perspective before.

Good use of graphics, too. Technorati and Blog Critics both encourage writers to include graphics - it increases you ability to capture attention.

The only thing I would add is a link or two to facilitate follow-through on your call to action. The summary recommends bookmarking and re-tweeting to build community. That's good.

Now take the next step by giving a re-tweet link or telling readers to use the ShareThis button. Readers are more likely to respond positively to clear, affirmative direction than they are to suggestion.

Thanks Sam. We're off to a good start.

And congratulations on your audience growth. Be sure to give them lots of links to #blogoff2.

Conrad Hall

Russ Kovar


It is always a pleasure to read your thought provoking bloggs and your insite to networking and people-networkee's (I think I invented a new word).....

Keep up the great work.

Best regards;

Best Regards;

Russ Kovar
Senior Business Development Manager
Sterlite Software USA,Inc.
Minority Certified Business Enterprise
708-383-4003 ext 107
708-383-4898 Fax
708-259-2200 Cell


"The more I help others to succeed, the more I succeed."


Alone each platform is small - together (and with other sites coming onboard) - they will be HUGE!

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