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January 19, 2010


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Richmond real estate

Well thats so cool.Personally i joined linkedin to get all the high designation people connected.Well the key points you defined are also true.Marketing of websites and about product with this platform.


I just realized from Odesk that LinkedIn's a prime component of any marketing. You should do more posts/update about this as you clearly can nail it all right.

Therran Oliphant

Andrew, great post. Many people need to learn more about using LinkedIn, including myself. Especially interesting was the part about getting press opportunities. Thanks for the great work!

Jim Siegel

Andrew -- this and forthcoming postings from you will be hugely helpful as our nonprofit organization is expanding its social media presence with very limited resources. Thank you!

Tiia Jones

This is really helpful for people who are figuring all of this out. Thanks for the information!

Stuart Bullard

Great blog. I do share the same beliefs as you projected. I will keep up on this to improve my own networking and share it with others.
My Best.
Stuart Bullard

Elizabeth Thomas

I'm thrilled that you've starting writing this series, Andrew. As always, your content is informative, insightful and chock full of detail. I'm somewhat new to LinkedIn and interested in using it to find freelance work, as well as network with other professionals in social media and journalism. Thanks so much for all you do!

Andrew Ballenthin

Thanks for all the great feedback. I'll be replying to individual questions and comments via email. What would you like to know more about with LinkedIn? I'd like your input for shaping my upcoming LinkedIn writing topics.

Stinson Brown

The thre key points outlined in this article get straight to the point. This outline is insightful and a powerful tool to gain leverage in the marketing business. This bit of information will assist me with my 501(c)3 mentoring program in a monumental way !

Param Puneet Singh

Very Useful!

Harkirat Singh Bedi

I have two questions here.

1. Certainly linkedin has a lot of data and if used wisely, returns some good results. I have been using linkedin for over 2 years now and it has come a long way. However, the results cannot be saved on a profile by category. Thats a huge drawback.

2. a built-in email like function for your connections, to keep a track of the sent mails and to segregate emails in folders would definitely be an added advantage. Linkedin is far behind on this. This makes my communication on linkedin a little too unorganised.

Any comments ??

Santosh Kumar

Excellent guide for Linked In starters who would otherwise end up spending time without results. Look forward to your continued posts.

Do you have any ideas on starting a blog and monetising it. I observe you are using typepad..Why not Wordpress.....please guide

Brynne Tillman

I love this blog, I even posted it on Linked User Group's news feed.


I am new to social networking and I learned something very helpful by reading this post. The information regarding the importance of your "profile"was informative. I really did not give that area a lot of attention. I also placed the cover of my upcoming book versus a professional photograph which I actually have. I will considering changing the profile photo once my book is released. The other statistical data was also helpful. I will share this info. Sincerely Dr. Wilkins

Beverly M. Payton

Great blog Andrew! I though I knew quite a lot about LinkedIn best practices but you taught me a thing or two. I'll be sure to share this with my peeps. Thanks!

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