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February 23, 2010


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home business

Awesome post! Now I'm learning the in and out of the business.

mlm companies

Nice Thinking! Really Impressive! I like it. I do welcome your precious views.

Greg Basham

While not all thought leaders are right not all are wrong. The day we as business leaders and our organizations stop learning and growing will be the day we truly will wither and fade. For me it is not blind faith but listening and letting your views be challenged if for no other reason to confirm how right your approach is.

Some years back I was in charge of human and organization development at a major P&C insurer in Canada. Many of my colleagues in similar positions in other firms chased the latest fads and perpetrated these on their organizations only to have them fail and they got fired. I resisted fads for training and development initiatives that developed staff and managers and fit our culture. I got promoted to an non-HR executive position. Shortly after I moved to the executive offices I was invited to attend a dinner of the local HR development directors by one of formal external training consultants and now successful businessman. Two of us in the room had not been fired and interestingly enough as it was noted we shared similar views and were regarded by the line as business partners who could help them improve. Neither of us chased fads.

All this aside, the sub-prime problem and the world financial crisis did not have its origins in any thought leaders ideas that I read about. When you are making money off paper like what was happening before the crisis it is just a matter of time before before the party ended. There were people who'd I describe as thought leaders in their business like Peter Schiff who were predicting the demise of the economy and were being laughed and hooted off the networks. Now he wants to be a politician. There goes any thought leadership there.

What we really need are thought leaders who can get through to business leaders that Milton Friedman got it wrong when he said that the only purpose of a business is to create a profit. The Drucker view that is to create and sustain customers means a broader view when it comes to product defects or short term gains like Goldman made in helping Greece finance its debt. Nothing illegal was done. No rules existed to stop them.


Really great post! I thought about how many authors made me rethink things...there have been VERY few. Inspirational post.

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