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Andrew Ballenthin

Hi Sue, to a large degree the points of improvement apply quite consistently to all of us on an ongoing basis. We all have great blogs and social media activity that do very well and some that don't.

During our phone meeting we'll definitely be talking about what enabled top performers to get their results and everyone is very welcome to ask for more information at that time on the areas they want to improve on. After that let's see where things go.

I'd be happy to arrange a training seminar for those that want to go into more depth in specific areas if there's a need.

Sue Leonard

Once the Blog II Contest winners have been notified, it would be valuable for each contestant to have a little feedback from the judges as to what was on target and what was not in the posts that were submitted as part of the contest. Perhaps during the Jan. 14 Conference call? I am suggesting this in the interest of
improving blogging skills/e-marketing skills.

Aditya Sinha

Hey Andrew,

Missing you all these days. I hope we need to give some more cups of coffee to the writers and make them feel warm and together.

By the way friends here are two of my posts. Do visit and spare some time. Your feedback would be highly solicited.

Topic : 1. Spirituality at workplace

2. Recession's impact on Promotional Budgeting

Meet you at my blog space.

Janet Barclay

This was a great experience and I'm so glad I got involved. I posted a more detailed wrap-up on my own blog (click my link to read it).


Still missing you all :(


Hey all -
I'd like to echo some of the fine comments by my comrades here.

Thank you to the organizers - what an interesting contest and certainly, wonderful to be one of the magical 25 participants.

It was a pretty intense twelve days - trying to balance between writing and choosing not to write but to read. I enjoyed our comment flow and seeing the success of various posts and of course, reading about subjects that all were clearly passionate about was very rewarding.

I'm open to guest blogging or other collaborative activites!
Stay in touch


I'm going to miss being addicted to writing, reading and commenting blogs. I already came here first thing to start reading and commenting, realizing that this has come to an end! You are were terrific and I loved every minute of the contest even if I did become and addict ;). Thanks for jump starting my blogging addiction!!

Much love to you all have a great week!

Sam Diener

To all of the organizers and the other contestants in BlogOff2, I want to sincerely thank you.

It has been truly an excellent learning experience. As intense as competition is for me, I am happy to know that there an underlying sense of community between us.

I am humbled to have competed with those with much more experience than I, and with much higher stature. I would have never thought my blogging would have brought me into conversations with people writing for the Huffington Post!

Any of you who ever needs anything from me is welcome to contact me. I encourage you to link-up. If you want to guest blog, it's always an option. And if you ever need a place to stay in Philadelphia, you always have a couch at my place. I can't afford to feed you though... yet.

Good night, and good luck to you all!

Sam Diener..... OUT!

Elizabeth Thomas

Andrew, judges and all involved:

Thank you so much for creating the Blog-Off. What a wonderful experience this has been and continues to be. I got your note about signing on to the Community Marketing Blog as an employee so you can keep track of our progress, but I have not figured out exactly where I might do this. Could someone direct me? Happy holidays to all! Enjoy a well-deserved break, Andrew.


No confusions Andrew, just was hoping to read more articles :).

Therran and I worked on a blog post together. Seems rather oddd, I know! I just don't know marketing that well. My expertise lies in product development and selling the product lol. I figured that Therran would be able to help me and we both agreed we should do a memo style on both of our techniques. Check it out!

I have spoke to Therran and Sam both directly on the phone in regards to furthering my blogging skills. If I could talk to you all I would, I am a salesperson by nature so once you get me on the phone it is tough to get me off, just ask Sam and Therran ;) . I have noticed quite a bit of camaraderie in regards to contestants commenting on each other blogs and promoting them as well. Congrats to those who participated and those who have not done so, I urge you to read all the blogs, they all show each others personalities and it is amazing to learn not only about what the post has to offer but how the writer puts it on paper!

I can not wait for all of us to get together as a team just like Blog Off I has.

Andrew Ballenthin

In 9 days #BlogOff 2 has generated 25,000 page views, 1,100 comments and 115 blogs. Post contest publicity will launch from 5 countries.

This is a phenomenal story of social media community, excellence and innovation. Thank-you to everyone for putting your very best foot forward.

3 full days left to go, don't slow down. We're ending 2009 with a bang!


Great start Kelly Ann. I'm on Google Wave too. ldillonschalk at googlewave dot com.

Kelly Ann

Hi All,

I forgot to mention in my earlier comment post: I have 7 highly coveted Google Wave invitations left to give. Let me know if you want one.

Kelly Ann

Andrew Ballenthin

To answer the question about 35... I just checked the numbers to get specifics. We have 27 people registered for the contest. Not all have posted yet but they do have the option to still post and some have posted only once (but there's still time to post more).

There are 14 more people involved either as judges/sponsors or just sponsors and media partners. Our total number of participatns for Blog-Off II is 42 people (including myself). Sorry for any confusion.

Kelly Ann

Sam: you just get a big WOO HOO!! from me on your success. That's pretty awesome.

Tim: I was thinking the same thing. The initial email that Andrew sent out seemed huge. Regardless, I think that we have a really amazing group of very talented people here.

I really excited to see how everyone's posts progress. I don't think that I will be posting a lot of entries, but probably only a few. So stay tuned because there's more in my Globalization series (of posts) on here to come! Come share your thoughts with me if you haven't already. And if you have, I've responded to you. :o)

Keep on blogging!

Kelly Ann

Sam Diener

Tim - I believe where Andrew was talking about how many people were involved (35), I think he was including the judges.


I love have everyone has put their heart and soul in to their posts, one thing I have recognized is there is not 25 people blogging, it seems more like 10-15 total people, do you think we lost a couple bloggers?

Andrew Ballenthin

Congratulations on your great work, collaboration and community involvement everyone. We're heading into the final 4 days. It's make or break time with over $45,000 in prizes on the table and one of best online social media publicity packages ever created. But... whether you make the final 3 or not the real win is the learning, friends and alliances you gain during this event.

Keep a space open in your schedule for a group phone conference on Thursday January 14 at 11:00am EST (New York Time) for an hour. This will give everyone attending a chance to introduce themselves, share stories, ask questions in areas where they need help or be an expert and tell others what works for you.

I'm away from Sunday December 13-19 and will not be checking in for messages (family vacation time). We'll be notifying you of the top 3 winners on Thursday December 24th. Keep up the great work. Everyone is a winner in spirit as far as I am concerned. It's been an honour hosting this event with so many fabulous social media enthusiasts.

Sam Diener

Thank you laurie!!!


Way to go Sam!

Sam Diener

So I got a reprint request from a digital agency in Australia for my SEO article...

How would you like us to handle these guys?


Sam Diener

Kelly -- me too. I would have written about a topic where I normally have more of an audience. :) But it seems like I have captured some views. Having a great time!

Kelly Ann

Hi All,

I just wanted to pop in and say how much I'm enjoying reading everyone's posts. Andrew did a great job in his selections! Unfortunately life's gotten in the way a bit for me and I'm just now starting this. Better late than never, right? I look forward to continuing to connect with you long after this contest is over.

Keep up the great work everyone. You're an inspiration and a joy to follow.

All the best,
Kelly Ann


hello all again - my goodness it has been busy around here!

I know that I will be enjoying these blog posts well after the contest is over. Such a diverse set of topics.

I misunderstood in the beginning believeing that all blog posts would be related to marketing and social media. What a wonderful relief it is , however I love social media, I've been enjoying the different posts.

Must stop the midnight oil now.


Sam Diener

How's it going everyone? Everyone good, anyone need typepad help or anything? Sorry I haven't been here to help out or anything, but if I can, I can be found at [email protected]


I love reading all your blog posts and comments. This has been a very exciting week for everyone and I am glad I am able to take part in this contest.

I am looking forward to another exciting week!

joy webber

Hi there I'm the "Twittering Granny" from London UK, and I have just written my 2 blogs - "Diary of a Social Media Virgin - Part 3: "The "Twittering Granny" is launched - God bless her & all who sail in her ... !"... " and "Diary of a Social Media Virgin - Part 9: The SS "Corporate Thinking" is sinking ...".

Hope you like them as I have enjoyed reading your blogs.


Ms Gina Marie Gordon

Life Grabs you by the eyes and ears and makes you see what you can't always see and hear what you sometimes ignore- Ms Gina Marie- Blog Off 11 Contestant- Founder Of- Sing For Hunger Music Tour- Help Me , Help Us, Help Them!- A concept with a cause for the better healthier tomorrow and in the future for the youngest to the more knowledgeable then us.

Stalk Us on Twitter- sing4hungertour

Tag Us-

myspace us-myspace/mountaindewdrops or search for Ms Gina Marie


your linkedin with us-

songramp us-

Sean Nelson


I would go back and delete the page break in the editor, format the spacing correctly and then redo it. Click just behind the periods on the last sentence where you want the break to appear.


Elizabeth Thomas

Quick question for my fellow bloggers....I put in a page break so that my entire post wouldn't appear on the main blog, but when I published, it just showed a gap. I can see the page break in Typepad but it didn't quite "take."

Any suggestions. I had no intention of publishing it like that, and I'd love to adjust accordingly.

Thanks all!

Joy Webber

Hello Everyone
Glad to see all these comments and feel very supported by everyone launching into this at the same time.

Question: Does anyone know how to access the statistic report that Andrew referred to? I'm not sure how to do it and I'd love to take a look at what everyone else is writing.
Thanks .. from a technophobe . Joy Webber

Andrew Ballenthin

Hi everyone, what a great community exchange in the Coffee Shop! What a great spot for sharing ideas and chat without a string of emails going back and forth. Thanks for making this centre work!

When you have a moment could you pass on a thank-you or a few thoughts to Six Apart / TypePad for giving a few shouts on their networks for the Blog-Off contest? They'll also be giving post contest coverage on the winners. Here's the URL -

Also keep an eye open for Lucia Brawley and Conrad Hall who are doing some feet on the street coverage with their respective online media. They're a great asset to this event.

Thanks again,
Andrew Ballenthin
Blog-Off Founder and Director

Darlene Sabella

I sure have been busy writing like crazy. I want to comment on each persons blogs, but I don't know how to find you all. When I click on the blogger writers their are only a few. So I want to get to each of my 35 buddies on this blogger 11 contest. This is really great and I feel blessed to be with each and everyone of you. Darlene

Shaun Cassidy

I am in agreement with Michael W Cerkas

Reid Hoffman (founder of Linkedin)
interviews with YouTube CEO Chad Hurley and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

listen to these interviews then compare

response to Twitter vs. Linked-In vs. Facebook conversation

Shaun Cassidy

Sam Diener

Hey everyone. My name is Sam Diener. I wrote the Twitter vs. Linked-In vs. Facebook conversation. Happy to be reading all of your ideas, and commenting with your readers. Sorry I missed the conference calls....

I am from Philly, PA. I write the Sam Diener Blog, Stuff For Success.


Andrew Ballenthin

Thanks to everyone who's participated in the phone calls. 15 people have had a chance to get to know at least a few of their Blog-Off II colleagues. The energy, spirit and drive everyone is exhibiting is fantastic and I am honoured that we are not only running a competition but we are working and connecting as a community. Keep up the great work.

We're at day 3 of 12. A few leaders are emerging but there's more than enough time for the game to change and swing to anyone's favour. Good luck to everyone and most of all enjoy yourself!

Tobias Braam

Indeed, an inspiring ans exciting event it is, nice to see everyone has his distinctive style. Good luck everyone and keep up the good work.


Hello my peeps!

My goodness - I have a lot of reading to do and, of course, writing! I look forward to digesting more this weekend as my day job winds down. I did enjoy reading about Tiger and prostitution yesterday.


Therran Oliphant

Hello everyone! I've been browsing through some of the blogs so far, and *wow* I'm happy to be included with such a great group of writers. I look forward to connecting with you all! Feel free to message me at [email protected] or on twitter at

Mike Browne

People are getting warmed up.

There is some nice photography in some of the posts. The sweat lodge stands out.

Lucia Brawley

A very exciting group to be blogging with!


If you were to invent something, what would it be?

Man I swear I posted a comment with all my fun social networking links, sometimes I hate my computer. Here is just a couple of my SN links.


Joy Webbeer

Hello Everyone
It's nice to be joining you as a new group of friends. I am based in London (UK that is) and unfortunately could not get onto the call today as scheduled. However, I will be joining in tomorrow 3rd December.
#I'm extremely new to blogging and Social Media but have been publishing Diaries about my progress. Hope that I can add something of value to you all and look forward to being in touch. Good luck to all with the competition !
Regards. Joy "The Twittering Granny"


Hello -
Happy to join the v.interesting crowd I heard on the phone this evening.

I'm Laurie Dillon-Schalk, a Torontian helping firms use social media & the web wisely. I've been blogging for a while but never as a competitive sport. I'm much more inclined to collaboration and so I look forward to connecting with each of you, reading your contributions and sharing ideas.


Steve Martile

Hi Lucia - your link wasn't working. Not sure what happened, but I was going to check out your blog but unable to get through ;)


My name is Steve Martile. I am a blogger and coach @

It's a pleasure to meet all of you and I'm looking forward to learning something new from the group. I'll be posting two blog posts on Getting Organic Traffic from Google and Email List Building.


Darlene Sabella

Hi all, thank you so much for sharing the blog off 11 tonight on our conference call. I had fun meeting everyone tonight and I feel very honored to be part of this awesome wonderful people. Let's work hard and have fun. Darlene

Kelly Ann

Hi Everyone!

Kelly Ann here. Believe it or not, I'm relatively new to Social Media - I've only been involved with it for about a year. So, it's quite the honor to be among you.

Outside of the Blog Off, I am inviting you to email me if you'd like to. Maybe you're a friend I just haven't met yet.

Let the blogging begin! :o)

Elizabeth Thomas

What a great opportunity to mix it up with fellow bloggers and gain new followers (we hope). All the best to my colleague contributors. It's an honor to be here among you!

Sue Leonard

I am happy to have the opportunity to share some of my blogs through this contest. My blogging subjects will range from Art to hospice to other independent thoughts.

Lucia Brawley

So grateful to have been selected to compete in the Blog-Off. Thank you! I will be cross-promoting the contest posts with my Huffington Post blog:

Tim Ruffner

Hi Everyone,

I am Tim, from Chicago area and I am going to blog about new product development and the processes to take a new product from start to finish. Has anyone ever thought about an invention to make our lives easier? If so tell me a little bit about it and what took you to the point to want to create an invention.

I look forward to helping and sharing anything I possibly can.


Wow, excited to be here, in the evening polishing my first blog and doing the PR

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